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Libertas Media Project: The Next Generation (apologies to Star Trek devotees)

As the Libertas Media Project approaches the Terrible Two's, please accept our gratitude for those who have followed our efforts for these last 24 months. We would especially like to thank those who have expressed their confidence and appreciation in a material way with contributions to support our work to bring the entire LMP vision and mission to fruition.

Technology and entrepreneurialism have joined forces to provide us with a new way forward to expedite accomplishment of our earliest stated goals: to provide an ever-growing number of offerings, from podcast interviews to links to websites, articles, books, authors, videos, and activities that exist for the primary reason that we do -- to participate in and simultaneously highlight the contributions of those dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Liberty, Freedom, and the Soverignty Individual.

As you will see, while our opportunities to provide such offerings have grown exponentially, the need for financial resources continues. Fortunately, the "new technology" assists there too!

By clicking the link below, you will be connected to our new platform that allows us to provide more of the material mentioned above on a subscriber basis. The monthly cost is quite low ($4.99) and the material can be expanded to include more than just the written or spoken word. With this service, not only will there be the many and varied sources for stellar works, there is "no obligation" to any "long term" obligation. If we fail to live up to your expectations, a mere "cancellation notice" is all that is required.

We prefer to believe that time will never come!

Please take a few minutes to get a look, feel, taste of What's Next with the Libertas Media Project!

Brian Wilson
Libertas Media Project