And now, a word from our founder….

Hello and thanks for dropping by the Libertas Media Project website. If this is your first visit, you have missed a rich, nearly three-year history of a valiant, on-going effort to establish a multimedia, multiplatform alternative to the mainstream media's interpretation and distribution of current events. It would be accurate to say we are currently 3 years behind schedule.


The simple answer: As advertised, the Libertas Media Project is a time-consuming, expensive concept requiring serious capital and sophisticated technical talent. Failing to secure a winning Powerball or Mega-Millions ticket and fresh out of recently deceased rich relatives, we have lagged a little behind schedule. Thanks to a handful of devoted Angels, we have been able to make some notable improvements to our infrastructure. Our thanks to them will never be anything more than insufficient.

The discovery of the new platform, Connectpal.com, provided the delivery system for the interviews, articles, blogs, etc., along with a mechanism to monetize our efforts as inexpensively and unobtrusively as possible for everyone. Putting $4 on a credit card seems to be a small and reasonable price in support of what we are doing as well as access to the snappy, politically incorrect repartee and unique content available exclusively to Subscribers.

Why not join us? Treat yourself to a 30 Day “Try-On”. If it isn't worth your $4, drop it. We will be appalled. We will be amazed. But I assure you we will not send our mascot, Trample the Wonder Rhino, to caress your begonias.

Thanks for your thoughtful, intelligent and supportive consideration.

Brian Wilson
Libertas Media Project